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With The Grain Professional Flooring
Colorado Springs
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Installation of Pre-finished & Site Finished Hardwoods
With The Grain Professional Hardwood Flooring Services
Re-finish/Re-coat  of existing Hardwood floors
Custom Staircases & Railing Systems
Re-finishing of existing hardwood floors includes sanding floor back to a raw state, then re-staing to a natural or pigmented stain color and finished with a water-bourne urethane finish.
Some pre-finished floors can also be re-sanded, depending on the condition of the floor and the thickness of the top layer of wood. 

Re-coating your floor is intended to revive your wood floor. it involves screening the floor & applying a quality top finish. Depending on the condition of your flooring, this could be an option to revive your floors and save money on your budget,
At With The Grain Professional Hardwood Flooring, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We provide a variety of services including:
When you decide to do a renovation or remodel you may be replacing old wood or adding all new wood, maybe even adding new wood to an existing floor. If it is a site- finished floor we will match species & size, lace-in to the existing floor, then sand, stain & finish to your color & finish choice. 
We custom build enclosed or open staircases. Each stair & tread is indivually measured & cut to insure a custom fit. We can remove & replace your railing system, or replace with a new one, either wood or wrought iron. Jay of Richard's Custom Carpentry does all of our railing systems with over 20 years experience he is a master carpenter. He brings quality and creativity to every job. 
If you have any questions regarding our services or products give us a call.
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radius corner
Pre-finished Bamboo install
Ebony staircase with custom inset
Custom railing system. Richard's Custom Carpentry.
Lace-in of new wood to existing floor
Walnut Border
unique  hand designed inset
Unique & Creative Insets & Borders
Adding a Custom border or inset to your floor is a great way to express yourself in your home, also adding value to your  home with a custom piece. We can create a custom design or a pre-made inlay. If you are interested in a custom inset, please give us a call to discuss what you are looking for. 

Remodels & Renovations
With The Grain has extensive experience in re-modeling & renovations of your home.  We can repair your sub-floor. Level your floor in preparation for hardwood flooring. Lace-in new hardwood to existing hardwood for a seamless match.
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